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Many of my clients come to me with questions about why they’re doing what Google tells them to do but they’re not feeling any better.

It’s time for a personalized approach to your wellness to help
free you from your health concerns so you can:

If you’re free from symptoms, stress, lack of energy and restrictive diets you’re free to enjoy life again!

Nutrition is vital to our life as what we eat and drink plays an integral role in our wellbeing. But one size doesn’t fit all. Everyone needs a customized approach that takes into account their tastes, health history, current health condition, and genetics while incorporating healthy foods and activities that they already love.

Ilene Cohen

Free your energy, free your spirit and free your life.

We consider all aspects of your life to get the whole picture of your health and wellbeing. And incorporate elements of both Eastern and Western therapies to help you holistically.


Use the best of Eastern and Western therapies to help you control symptoms caused by foods, improve your health, hormones and fertility, and prevent future health conditions by creating a positive relationship with food.


Together we’ll come up with your personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan. This way, you can create a more balanced life with sustainable changes, rejuvenating your health, mindset, work-life balance, and relationship with food.


Eating should be an enjoyable experience that nourishes us from the inside out. Get refreshed and feel your potential when your health, hormones and fertility are balanced without the need for restrictive diets.


Hi, I’m Ilene

I created PranaSpirit Nutrition & Wellness LLC to allow people to experience a more holistic and functional form of nutrition coaching.

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) since 2000, my personal
journey solidified by my training showed me how important nutrition
was to our well-being. What we ate was the key to providing our body with the nutrients to keep us healthy, to heal and to create the life we wanted to live.

In college, I majored in business management because I wanted to be like my father who was a successful business owner. I lived with a roommate who was vegan. I knew nothing about vegetarian nutrition at the time but I was always a foodie. I started eating vegan food and became vegan.

Over time, I became iron deficient (there are not nearly as many bioavailable iron sources so you have to know how to plan your diet).

Then a couple of years later I developed a soy allergy. As most of my diet included a lot of soy products this all made being vegan
more of a challenge! Aside from reactions from soy milk and anemia, I still felt better eating more vegetables!

I let go of being vegan to expand my food options, but maintained my interest in nutrition and healthy cooking and eating and enrolled
in a Master’s program in nutrition at NYU then did my dietetic internship and became a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

Even after I became an RDN, while on paper I had a nutritious and varied diet things didn’t improve enough in the adverse food
reactions department. In addition to being severely lactose intolerant, I had continued digestive issues, so I took a great interest in
digestive health. I worked with the low FODMAP diet but then expanded into offering food sensitivity testing and micronutrient
testing through which I’ve helped many clients resolve their symptoms.

In 2013, I made the decision to leave my full-time hospital clinic job, and go into private practice exclusively. I then founded PranaSpirit Nutrition & Wellness LLC. Having been a dedicated yogi and yoga teacher since 2007 I started combining yoga, yoga therapy and nutrition in my work with clients. I pursued yoga therapy programs and became a certified yoga therapist and love the combination of nutrition and yoga therapy. It’s so holistic as it’s much more than just what people eat that plays a role in their health.

I merged my expertise as a yoga therapist to create mindfulness meditations, guided imagery and breathing techniques for my clients to give them tools to manage stress better.

I am based in Santa Monica (Los Angeles) California, and Michele is based in New York.  We are licensed to do in person and virtual (online) consultations in both of these states, as well as virtual consultations in Arizona, Colorado and Virginia.


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Hi, I’m Michele

When people learn how to build a positive relationship with food, other parts of their lives that are suffering also seem to find balance. Food has always been such a big part of my life. Growing up, my mother was a vegetarian and also an amazing cook. I would often accompany her to the only health food store in town and sip on a fresh veggie juice while picking out our weekly grocery staples. Ironically my grandfather was a butcher and taught me how to grill and prepare meat. Between my health conscious vegetarian mother and my butcher grandfather, I learned the ins and outs of cooking. After college I knew I wanted to have a career that involved culinary arts and nutrition so I enrolled in The Natural Gourmet Institute. Using Dr. Annemarie Colbins seven principles for food selection: whole, fresh, seasonal, traditional, balanced, local and delicious I had the unique opportunity to learn how to prepare plant based cuisine such as grains and legumes, sea vegetables and raw vegetables.

During this time I made some dietary changes for myself, and saw a vast improvement to my health. I saw firsthand how big of an impact
nutrition can have in healing which led me to continue my career path to obtain my Master’s from NYU .and become a Registered Dietitian.

Now I use my unique combination of culinary arts to help clients establish a unique and meaningful relationship with food. Guiding my
clients to reconnect with food, allowing them to address their overall well-being and health.

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I love being able to take a holistic and integrative approach to nutrition that provides my clients
a strong foundation to make lasting, sustainable changes.


Insurances accepted: Cigna, The Empire Plan (NY only)
“Ilene helped me to find a dietary balance that brought me get back to health without feeling tired or undernourished. A big part of her mission was to understand the rhythms of my life before making any suggestions. After a thoughtful and attentive consultation, Ilene helped me put together an eating plan and exercise schedule that has since generated positive, healthy energy in my life, and I lost a total of 12 pounds since my first visit with her. I highly recommend having someone as capable and affirming as Ilene encouraging you along! “


It’s so much more than just looking at the food we eat

Understanding why you get uncomfortable symptoms when you eat, maximizing your health and hormones and developing a positive relationship with food for life is so much more than just looking at the food we eat. Integrative and functional medicine allows us to see the whole picture of your health, and create a personalized plan to help you achieve your goals.

How we work together


For this to work, we both need to be honest. To help you achieve your goals, I need all the information about what’s working and what’s not. At PranaSpirit Nutrition & Wellness LLC you don’t get a cookie-cutter approach to your wellbeing. We provide a boutique approach, tailoring our recommendations to each individual. We’ll also be honest with you. Even if sometimes you don’t want to hear it, but need to hear it to move forward.


We go above and beyond. You can expect plans that are personalized and well thought out. To help you achieve your goals we focus on the details without losing sight of the bigger picture. It’s our ability to be thorough in our assessment with you and modifying the range of therapies we have at our fingertips that creates a plan that sees you succeed without wasting time or money.


We work with you to guide you to see the transformation you’re looking for. By creating partnerships with our clients they can see the best results. We don’t tell you what to do. We teach, educate and inspire you to take actions that you feel able to achieve with our guidance. You’re dedicated and committed to your success and we’ll give you the tools and accountability to get there.

Free your energy, free your spirit and free your life.


Digestive & Gut Health


Women’s Nutrition & Fertility


Eating Disorders

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Kid’s Nutrition

“Ilene is absolutely wonderful! She has gone ABOVE and BEYOND on our initial session. I even had a few more questions before our next session and she immediately responded as though I were her only client (she is in high demand) and I truly appreciated that! I will be working with her during and after, and cannot be happier! “


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