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Integrative Dietitian Nutritionists
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We are licensed to operate virtually or in-person in the state of California and New York. We can also offer virtual consultations for Arizona, Colorado and Virginia residents as well.

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OPTIONAL. Our practice embraces integrative health and we are committed to approaching helping our clients physically, emotionally and spiritually. We love astrology, and use it do determine our clients' sun, moon and rising signs as they have relevance to their relationship with food, meal preparation, and other factors impacting on their nutrition goals if they are interested in learning. If you would be interested in receiving a copy of your natal chart, along with your sun, moon and rising signs to support you in your nutrition goals through the lens of astrology, please indicate the following below: 1) Your date of birth (and the DOB of pediatric patients who may be coming to work with us) 2) The exact time of your birth 3) The city you were born in. * we need all of the above to run your chart.

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