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Pre & Post Yoga Snacks

Check out these and more healthy snack tips from our very own Ilene Cohen, RDN, featured in Yoga Journal Magazine! You might not always have …


A Pregnant Momma’s Guide to Supplements during Pregnancy

When it comes to vitamin and mineral supplementation, you may ask, “Are they necessary? Are they the right choice for me?” Regardless of the answer …


Health Benefits of your Favorite Indulgence

Valentine’s Day has become another holiday filled with sweets, with chocolate playing the starring role. The good news? There are actually some health benefits in …

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Top 8 Tips To Navigate The Holidays into the New Year, The PranaSpirit Way

Everyone knows the time between holidays and New Year can be a stressful time of year. Whether it be the aftermath of gift shopping or …

PranaSpirit Is Turmeric Safe During Pregnancy

Is Turmeric Safe During Pregnancy?

Originally published on This yellow spice has a host of benefits, but high doses could harm a fetus. Learn more about the safety of …

PranaSpirit Bliss to Balance Article in AADE
Press & Publications

From Bliss to Balance: Using Yoga and Meditation in Diabetes Care

Originally published in AADE In Practice Magazine, March 2019 When people with diabetes think of things that raise their blood sugar, they first think of …

PranaSpirit Grab & Go 13 super-healthy packaged snacks to stash in your yoga bag

Grab & Go: 13 super-healthy packaged snacks to stash in your yoga bag

Originally Published August 2017 IN AN IDEAL WORLD, you’d pick up a piece of fresh fruit or chop up some veggies for your post-practice …

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