Pre & Post Yoga Snacks

Check out these and more healthy snack tips from our very own Ilene Cohen, RDN, featured in Yoga Journal Magazine!

You might not always have time to prepare and pack a fresh, healthy snack for before or after your yoga practice. Generally, it’s better to consume whole foods more than the packaged stuff, but there are some healthy pre-made options for when you’re in a bind.

Your ideal pre-yoga snack will not be anything too heavy – think carbohydrates for energy.

Try one of these fun energizing snacks:

Rhythm Superfoods Beet Chips (Naked) – The ingredient list is organic beets and nothing else!
Peeled Snacks (Much-Ado-About-Mango) – Mangoes are a great source of beta-carotene, an antioxidant that helps protect our eyes, hair and skin.
Simple Mills Sprouted Seed Crackers (Original) – These minimalist crackers are made with hemp seeds, sunflower oil, tapioca and other natural ingredients that give it added fiber and healthy fat. Try these with a spoonful of Once Again Creamy Almond Butter for some added protein!

For post-workout, aim for a combination of carbohydrates and protein to help with muscle repair. These snacks make for scrumptious pick-me-up:

Soul Sprout Almond Butter Big Bite (Cacao Almond) – While these taste more like dessert, they contain a good mix of carbs, protein and healthy fat. Because these bites do contain added sugar, it’s important to keep portion size in mind.
Kuli Kuli Moringa Superfood Bars (Black Cherry) – Moringa, a green with similar benefits to kale, is combined with dates, almonds, cherries and sunflower oil in this nutritious and tasty bar.
Enjoy Life Not Nuts! Seed and Fruit Mix (Mountain Mambo blend) – This snack mix is nut-free, dairy-free and gluten-free, but contains a healthy amount of fiber and protein to fill you up post-workout.