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Let's get our hormones working with us!

As women, it often feels like our hormones are running our lives! Either we’re battling them or they’re fighting us. Enjoying healthy balanced hormones mean we’re free to:

Integrative nutrition can support you back to hormone health

Prepare to rejuvenate your health, your fertility and your hormones

Free your energy

Get your energy back and get rid of unwanted food-related symptoms.

Free your spirit

Reconnect with yourself and your body. Learn to trust yourself again.

Free your life

Don't let your hormones hold you back. Get your body in the best condition.

An imbalance in our hormones can come from many different causes. Integrative and functional medicine allows us to see the whole picture of your health, and create a personalized plan to help you achieve your goals.
“Even though I tried eating healthy and exercising vigorously, I found that I was gaining a few pounds every year once I turned thirty. Several years passed and I put on a total of twenty pounds of extra weight. Ilene helped me to find a dietary balance that brought me get back to health without feeling tired or undernourished. A big part of her mission was to understand the rhythms of my life before making any suggestions. After a thoughtful and attentive consultation, Ilene helped me put together an eating plan and exercise schedule that has since generated positive, healthy energy in my life.”



Hi, I’m Ilene

Nutrition is only part of how to support your hormones and fertility naturally. From pregnancy to menopause, many of my clients find the integrative approach of nutrition and yoga gives them huge benefits when managing fertility and hormone issues. Helping them become free to enjoy life with energy to spend on the things they love. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Yoga therapist based in Santa Monica, California I help my clients experience a way of managing their well-being with nutrition that’s effective, practical, healing and puts them back in control.


The effects of hormone imbalance can take control of our lives. It's time to release yourself with personalized advice that works.


A unique integrative nutrition approach allows me to guide you to find the right balance and achieve your goals.


Start anew and create the life you desire on the foundations of your body, mind and hormones working with you.

Mind, Body, Natal Nutrition Nirvana package

Let’s blow out your old life and welcome in a new more balanced you.
PranaSpirit Nutrition Integrative Holistic Dietitians Women's Health Packages

The Mind, Body, Natal Nutrition Nirvana package is the perfect way to concentrate on your health, exploring your hormones, fertility and health.

Over 3 months we work together on a plan that’s tailored to your unique concerns. Allowing you to achieve the results you’re searching for.

Balance your hormones so you can feel good again


* The functional nutrition test is additional pricing – depending on the test, you may either pay the lab or through PranaSpirit – to be discussed at your initial session.* Additional tests after the first may be purchased separately at any point throughout the program.

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